TOPCon Solar Cells: The New PV Module Technology in the Sola

Solar cell technology used to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) modules is constantly evolving as new, more advanced and more efficient technologies are developed. Tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) solar cell technology is a new development with the potential to replace passivated emitter and rear contact (PERC) and high-efficiency passivated emitter, rear totally-diffus


Several European countries have adjusted VAT for residential

Recently, the Irish government announced that the value-added tax (VAT) on household photovoltaic modules will be reduced from 13.5% to 0%, taking the 3KW system for example, which will save homeowners about 1,000 euros. The new tax policy (0%) will take effect from 1 May 2023.


Also this year, th


China continues upward trend in PV exports

China's export of photovoltaic products surged 80.3 percent year-on-year to hit $51.25 billion last year, the China Photovoltaic Industry Association announced on Thursday.


The export value o


Nigeria's expanding solar energy market, journey towards aff

As the world transitions to alternative sources of energy, Nigeria in terms of electricity still grapples with inadequate power supply to its increasing population.


Interestingly, the country’s source of supply is largely dependent on grid power whose efficiency is determined by generation, transmission and distribution fac


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